Carpet Suppliers in Warwickshire

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Midlands Flooring Services supply a wide range of flooring services to domestic and commercial properties throughout the Midlands, including an excellent range of high-quality carpets. Coventry as well as other areas of Warwickshire and of Birmingham can come to us as their local carpet suppliers and fitting service.

With 25 years of experience supplying carpets, Tamworth and surrounding areas will not be disappointed with our excellent customer service and professional value for money. We take care to follow the needs and wishes of each of our customers, while offering our expert advise and knowledge as efficient fitters and carpet suppliers.

Tamworth commercial businesses can expect us to take into consideration the flooring needs they have to keep their premises looking smart and presentable, while following any health and safety requirements, and complying with any day or night-time working schedules the company hold during our fitting. Just discuss all of your needs with us and we will provide you with a beautifully new fitted carpet at a time that will suit all of your company’s needs.

We can provide you with all of the choice needed to suit every room in your home and work premises. Should you require the hard wearing yet comfortable properties of our stain resistant carpets, or require some extra luxury for the less traversed parts of your property, we are the carpet suppliers for you.

Do you live or work in the Midlands, and have you been wondering, ‘Are there any experienced carpet suppliers near me, or near my working premises, that I can rely on to supply and fit my carpet professionally?’ For a full range affording you quality and a wide choice in styles, come to the established expert carpet suppliers, Coventry and surrounding areas have been relying on for many years. Contact us today for more information.


    4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS 


    TOG RATING 1.3


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  • STAINAWAY TWIST DELUXE £13.99sqm SUPREME £16.99sqm

    4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS



    TOG RATING 1.20 SUPREME.  1.10 DELUXE                                                                                                                            

    HEAVY WEAR DOMESTIC AREAS.              

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