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Flooring Suppliers Warwickshire

Here at Midland Flooring Services, we offer a wide range of choice as carpet suppliers to stocking vinyl safety flooring. Located in Hurley, we are ideally positioned to provide flooring services to customers throughout the whole of Warwickshire.

Not only are we an approved Warwickshire carpet and floor suppliers, but our team are also able to install your floors in your desired rooms. Both domestic and commercial clients can take advantage of our twenty-eight years of experience since our inception.

We have a variety of different options for those in Warwickshire to choose from, including vinyl safety flooringslip resistant safety flooringcarpet and carpet tiles, cushion for vinyl, and commercial flooring. We can work with a large range of materials, and examples of our work can also be seen online.

Carpet Suppliers Warwickshire

Vinyl safety

Vinyl safety flooring is a great choice to protect your floor from any spillages, but it also helps to protect people if they fall. Designed to minimise tripping hazards, vinyl safety floors can also be lined with an underside of cushioned material before it is fixed in place, offering a secure yet soft padding to walk on.

Slip-resistant safety

Our slip-resistant safety flooring or non-slip safety flooring is a great choice for use in wet-rooms, as well as in commercial spaces. There is a plethora of options when it comes to the design of your slip-resistant floor, including those which replicate the appearance of wood. Additionally, we stock Tarasafe™ Ultra vinyl safety flooring, which is also treated with an anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment.

Carpet and Carpet Tiles

We stock an incredible range of carpet and carpet tiles to supply to those in Warwickshire. In our range, we offer stain-resistant carpets that combine hard-wearing properties with comfort, which are ideal for homes with children or pets.

Alternatively, we have more luxurious options to sink your toes into for an extra-homely feel. Carpet tiles can also be a great choice for the accident-prone or those with children, as if spillages and stains are an issue, it’s much easier to simply replace a tile. For this reason, these are also a good idea for office spaces and schools.

Commercial Flooring

Warwickshire businesses can also benefit from all our floor options, where we can provide your practical requirements with the floor style that goes best with your brand. From office buildings to shops to restaurants, we can provide you with the perfect flooring for any room.

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To discover more about our flooring services in Warwickshire, please feel free to get in touch with us through our contact form or by emailing us at midlandflooringservices@gmail.com. You can also call us on 01827 872 471 or 07835 352 489 and we will be happy to help you with any queries you may have for us.